Roehampton Cars - Your Local Safe Minicab Company

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Why choose us


Roehampton Cars was established in March 2005. The aim of the company is to provide a service which is professional, reliable and economical.


Roehampton Cars is a well established company which has been fully operational for over 10 years. We set ourselves very high standards, following the motto ‘the customer is always right’ and endeavour to ensure that 100 % satisfaction is guaranteed. Our staff have over 30 years experience within the industry and are constantly evolving with all recent developments to continually improve the service which we offer.

Our Drivers

As aforementioned, we set ourselves very high standards. This extends to the initial recruitment and scrutiny of all potential drivers. We ensure that drivers complete the full PCO checks, as well as vetting them personally to ensure that they are fully aware of the high standard to which they will be working at in this competitive industry.

Our Fleet

We have a wide fleet of vehicles which range from executive to environmentally friendly cars. If you have a specific request for a vehicle we would require a minimum notice period of 24 hours to avoid disappointment. All of our vehicles are subjected to weekly inspections for overall cleanliness and safety purposes. They are also required to undertake an MOT every 6 months and a PCO inspection every year.